What is Ice Damming?

Is your home over 20 years old? Does it have a steep sloped roof? If you answered yes, then there is over a 95% probability that your attic may have excessive heat, which can lead to ice damming. What is ice damming? An ice dam is formed when ice builds up on the eaves of your roof, and can stop snow from properly melting into your gutters. When the snow finally melts it will melt into your roof, insulation, ceilings, plaster and walls, leading to costly repairs and renovations to your home.

Excessive Attic Heat

Excessive Attic Heat is a side-effect of a poorly ventilated attic. Because of this poor ventilation ice damming occurs and poses severe health risk to you and your family. It is important to regulate the temperature of your attic to ensure that it is running no warmer than 15 degrees above outside temperatures. Attic heat huge threats to the insulation, heating and cooling system efficiency and health of your home.

Proper Insulation Makes All The Difference

It is always the best to have twelve inches of insulation to help monitor attic heat. It is important to have only one vapor barrier and install that barrier facing the heated surface. If additional layers of insulation are needed to attain 12″ call 970-667-7268 to schedule either un-faced insulation or blown-in insulation services for your attic. These services can help heated attic air exit the attic.

Our Customers are Important

At Foothills Gutter and Insulation, we believe our customers are important. You will not be treated as a number as our huge, national competitors tend to do. You can count on us to be responsive. We are here to answer questions and address concerns. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and we look forward to providing new and returning customers with the exceptional service we are known for!

Customer Reviews

We moved into an existing home here needing some things. Dan held to his estimate, called and emailed to let us know schedules, changes etc, and sent two great crews (gutter and insulation). Excellent crews and work and attitude. On time, on budget, and they cleaned up afterwards.
If we need same services, we’ll definitely call them back

John Leavitt

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I can’t say enough great things about this company. Absolutely the best customer service that I have ever experienced! From the moment I first reached out to them at 6:00 pm in the evening, to the immediate call back I received 20 mins later, to the the next day on site quote and immediate follow up with a Bid, to 2 days later having the crew show up ON TIME to install our insulation; and an an hour after the installation was complete, I received a call from the owner to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction. Hands down the best. Look no further if you need insulation installed.

Samson Jagoras

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